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Selling products chiefly depends on how you market them to the target customers. Digitalization is becoming a part of routine tasks as technology is refining day by day. We can see so many advertisements running right on our screens while using the internet, all this is because businesses are rushing towards digital marketing to publicize their products.

A digital marketing platform is a software system that advertises your product online via email, social networks, web pages, mobiles, web search engines, etc. It helps create interactive messages in the form of text, videos, and images to attract online traffic. These platforms provide various tools to monitor online marketing and generate performance reports so brands can build effective marketing strategies after analysis. Many digital marketing platforms offer customized settings to meet your exclusive business goals. Altogether a digital marketing platform heightens your advertising campaign effortlessly.

Imperative aspects

Let’s see how important a digital marketing platform is.

  • It helps to reach a huge audience and amass customers
  • A cost-effective way to market products
  • Saves time and extra effort
  • Mobile friendly
  • Provide a wide range of tools to manage customized marketing campaigns
  • Enhance the efficiency of marketing procedures thus boosting sales
  • Work to get your brand a high ranking in search engines

Cataloging digital marketing platforms

Digital marketing platforms can be categorized into 10 types. Knowledge concerning these platforms is requisite to judge where you can win a large audience.

Social Media Marketing Platforms

Social media such as Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, etc. are quite familiar platforms and are in use by almost every person regardless of age. Therefore, it turns out to be the best way to brand endorsement and attract customers. Answering customer queries is much easier and speedier through this medium.

Content Marketing

Customers are answered and educated on a certain topic by creating interesting written content or videos. It also might include podcasts, E-books, blogs, webinars, infographics, online tutorials etc. high quality content which should be more towards educating people than advertising the brand.

Influencer Marketing

It’s a way of marketing via a partnership with other influencing sites, experts in a similar field, or celebrities who recommend the products to their followers.

SEO marketing

It runs parallel to content marketing, e-commerce businesses post online content such as blogs and articles with keywords that drive traffic towards their website. When a customer searches for a certain product on Google they come across your content in a list because of the keywords used in the topic. This makes them visit your website for further exploration.

Email Marketing

Grounded on the customer’s shopping history, attractive offers, updates, or newsletters are sent through email to keep them engaged and informed of exclusive products.


It is a sort of purchasing traffic to the website. The ecommerce experts  puts an advertisement on Google or websites and is charged for every click on their ads by the visitor. Such ads are at the top of the searched page.

Marketing Analytics Platforms

Knowing how well your marketing campaign is performing, lets you build some new and effective strategies in the future. Marketing analytics platform gathers and analyzes marketing data updating merchants on the ROI they can get from these campaigns.

Mobile Marketing

It’s marketing through text messages, social media, emails, or any other mobile application. It comprises a combination of digital marketing plans discussed earlier.

Marketing Automation Platforms

It is software that carries out marketing campaigns through automation. There is no human involvement and is a proficient way of marketing a brand.

Affiliate Marketing

Here the merchants involve outside individuals or other companies to promote the product on a commission base. The promoters are given a percentage of every sale they make.

Effective ways to build a successful digital marketing strategy for an e-commerce business

Analyze and examine

Analyzing the outcomes is vital to begin the plan. Jolt down the success and drawbacks in the past years encountered by your business. Judge your performance and determine the things that worked well and the reasons for failures. Keeping an eye on your competitors, with the social media influence tracing the opponents, is easy because every single business has a digital existence. Know your customers well by reaching certain details such as audience size, interests, and behaviors. All this is possible by getting an insight into social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, etc. Moreover, Google Trends could also be a great assistance in evaluating the most searched topics by people over time.

Lay out an effective plan

The framework GSOT i.e. goals, strategy, objectives, and tactics are preeminent to building a plan for what and how to achieve. Laying out an effective plan lets you focus on points that lead your business toward progress. Digital marketing offers a big ground to play on, you need to organize yourself and mark your trail to follow.

Audience demarcation

Digital marketing allows you to target the desired audience. Specify what sort of audience you want to hit with your advertisements. Evaluate the details of your ideal buyers and explore their shopping history. This will let you discern what sort of audience to approach.

Plot your content

After comprehending your marketing objectives and audience to target, decide on the content that must include appropriate topics to discuss. You can create inspiring content by evaluating your competitors and customers. Look for the most asked questions by people in the search engines and also check how they are answered. Search for the hashtags specifically on Instagram as it reveals trending topics. Explore suggestions provided by Google search related to your field because it shows up what people search the most. Put together all the research and generate a topic with specific keywords so your content could drive traffic towards the website.

Ponder other digital channels

After you decide on the content, look for other channels where you can attract an audience. See if these channels are appropriate to achieve your goals and objectives.

Setting KPIs is significant

Measuring the success rate of what you do is an essential part of the business. Setting a KPI for every act lets you monitor the progress.

Implement finest practices

Obstacles may hinder your way if you miss any of the implementation steps. It won’t give the expected results so give a thorough check and ensure the execution of the finest practices. The digital market is evolving rapidly so the tactics that worked in the past year may not be applicable today. Keep yourself updated with the new strategies.

Extract of the Discussion

Digital marketing is highly practiced by small to large businesses as it lets you touch a wide audience. To lead an e-commerce market and beat the competitors building a successful digital marketing platform is a substantial part. It brings in a shower of customers generating good revenue if strategized and organized in the right way.

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