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How to upgrade social commerce strategies with SaaS combinations!

Published on December 1, 2022

Social media is one of the most powerful tools to capture the potential market. It has great sway on how we deal with the community to sponsor our products and services. It assists in filtering the buying patterns of versatile target markets.

Social Commerce plays a vital part in the online existence of any organization. The execution of businesses like buying and selling is making new revenue targets via social platforms as they are incredibly boosting customer interactions every second. It has been observed that various U.S organizations earned billions of dollars revenue in the pandemic by employing Social Commerce. Also, it is expected that revenue will be two times in the coming years.

Now, we know that business activities on social platforms are fetching revenue, so it is crucial to understand how the social commerce strategies can be improvised to function flawless and more efficient.

Let’s have a quick look on social commerce, identify why social commerce strategies are important and discuss how various advanced technical methods can assist your business.

1. Artificial Intelligence – An efficient tool to customize content

Artificial Intelligence or Machine Learning is one of the most useful modern techniques to manage data preferences as it is used to collect, analyze and format the required set of information to recognize customer’s buying behaviors.

Customized content and Artificial Intelligence are well associated. The most crucial thing in social commerce is to keep users engage with related advertisements in their feeds. A research revealed that around 80% customers are inclined to buy from a brand that gives customized experiences, while this ratio turns to 90% if they find it pleasing.

2. Creating strong tie with Audience – To recognize the areas of interest

To get better profits for a brand it is necessary to make a responsive audience and it is possible when statistical measures will analyze which kind of methods are more catchy to grab potential customers such as making social media post more appealing to sight by adding polls, sticker cards, brand relevant color schemes to it.

There are also several strategies to attract the viewers:

  • Add 3-4 post regularly.
  • Respond the customer soon as early as possible because any late response can make him less interested to buy your product.
  • Product details should be flawless and relevant as it enhance user’s interest and conversion ratio.
  • Always try to add user friendly content so the customer can visibly go through the specs of the product.
  • After every month end, post for giveaways and sale offers.
  • Post for other brands to form commercial partnerships.
  • Product photography should be perfectly done because it is the first impression for any customer.
  • To create and involve a wide network for a brand, go to spread “Cross Pollinating Content” from corner to corner on social sites.
  • Try to identify the most suitable social platform for your business. Discover where your target customers enjoy scrolling.
  • Build partnership with influencers.
  • Keep the viewers, followers and satisfied customers under the track just to know their response and liveliness regarding brand.
  • Leverage your social resilient. Social proof not only rises brand visibility, but it also increase trust and guarantees potential customers feel comfortable before they buy. Knowing that other buyers have gone before them and have been contented with their purchases is a huge motivation for future buyers.
  • Always be friendly and humble towards customer, it is really helpful to maximize the brand turnover.

3. Credibility an authenticity – Play vital role to get prominence

At times it become difficult to tackle a customer who is highly insecure about social commerce on the other side he seems willing to buy a product but, the only thing which is stopping him to buy there are will be reasons behind this confused behavior for instance ‘he had a bad experience before or he got scammed! So just to regain trust in media marketing is becomes technical for a dealer to generate a genuine outlook in his mind.

There are several ways to maintain appropriate loyalty with customers:

  • Explain the black and white about the product quality no grey in-between because any doubtful information can affect credibility.
  • Purchasing protocols should be easy as pie to secure the order, usually costumers avoid tricky payment loops because these are time taking procedures which can call up the buyers to lose interest.
  • Insure security for customers by providing them every minute detail about their data as well as keep reminding that their information is confidential.
  • To increase customer’s trust show examples what your brand has gain from previous customers, convince through sale reviews and also prove brand worth through the expertise of your service.

The above discussed tactics are helpful in promoting the brands, specifically related to ecommerce.

Let’s see how the blend of social strategies and a powerful SaaS platform goes hand-in-hand

The launch of new idea is a slow pace process. The business innovation become much easier when it connects with strong commerce platforms that bring more value to the networks, sales and programmed operations.


Ginkgo is software as a service (SaaS) platform that provides optimal commerce solutions to business. It enables brands to connect, manage and automate ecommerce operations. By employing such powerful platform, business owners can collect and manage the customer information that ultimately assist businesses in driving significant social commerce campaign.

Here, how Ginkgo works:

Automated Operations

Automated and customizable options allow hustle free customer connections. This platform enables multi-channel management along inventory optimization and product control.

Control Business Performance

The incorporation of BI Reporting provides quick business insights. Statistical facts pool via reporting ensures profitable decision making, you will have a good business plan to meet the desired revenue targets.

Single Interface

A robust way to connect multiple sale channels through single interface.


The integration of a powerful SaaS tool like Ginkgo, will not only simplify the business operations but also provide the control to customers’ likes and dislikes and this factor will assist in driving convincing social commerce campaign.

Obaid Arshad

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