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Pakistan’s e-commerce market is paving its way towards success to be recognized at the global level. Currently, it is standing at 36th position in the global e-commerce market.

The giants like Amazon and Alibaba can be utilized for further economic growth via global trade in Pakistan in the future. However, technology is considered a key for a seamless global expansion. Approximately, 65% of Pakistan’s population is considered tech-savvy for using either social media or the internet overall. However, due to a lack of awareness in the e-commerce field, there is a huge chance of revenue growth by touching this untapped market.

Here, e-commerce summits can play a vital role in narrowing the technology gap through knowledge exchange, networking, and mentorship. In short, fostering an environment where new ideas grow and innovative solutions emerge.

These forums provide ground for grouping seasoned professionals and entrepreneurs with tech enthusiasts ensuring catalyzation of the growth of the e-commerce ecosystem. In this way, the industry will surely continue to thrive and will adapt to the demands of the digital age.

Therefore, Ginkgo Retail and Deployers teamed up to organize an E-commerce Summit on December 23, 2023, at the Pearl Continental Hotel in Lahore, Pakistan.

The objective of the summit was to bridge the tech awareness gap, connecting industry professionals including ecommerce experts and eager-to-know minds.

future of online commerce in Pakistan

Visionaries Behind the Powerhouse

“As the CEO of Ginkgo Retail, I was driven by a vision to provide an unbiased forum and unique space where industry competitors can collaborate without the usual competition. All participants, from major players to startups, shared experiences, knowledge, and insights to collectively boost the e-commerce industry in Pakistan.”

Obaid Arshad
Obaid Arshad (CEO & Cofounder Ginkgo Retail)

This collaborative approach, free from rivalry, allowed for open discussions on challenges and opportunities, fostering a united effort to address shared industry issues. The summit’s inclusive nature promoted mutual learning, creating a rich pool of knowledge for everyone. Overall, the summit set the stage for future partnerships and networking emphasizing the collective goal of advancing ecommerce in Pakistan.

Haider Ahmed Qazi
Haider Ahmed Qazi (Head of e-commerce at Al-Jalil Developers)
Omer Mubeen
Omer Mubeen (CEO & Cofounder Deployers)

Haider, with his diverse industry experience, sees the summit as a transformative catalyst, fostering collaboration and innovation essential for the growth of the e-commerce sector.

Omer, recognized as the best Shopify drop-shipping expert and a luminary in digital marketing, envisions the summit as a pivotal platform to explore the intersection of technology and e-commerce, with a keen focus on leveraging digital tools for industry advancement. Together Ginkgo Retail and Deployers.pk aspire to make the summit a beacon for innovation and a driving force shaping the future trajectory of e-commerce in Pakistan.

Sponsors and Partners

The E-commerce Summit became a great success due to the collective efforts of hundreds of organizations working towards the same goal of revolutionizing the e-commerce industry. The key contributions of partners and sponsors including Elo, Hive Metrics, Adex360, Growex, Salitex, The Vertical, TRAX, AFROZEH, Pakistan IT Industry Association (P@SHA), Leopards Courier Services (Pvt.) Ltd., Ozeefy, Asan Retail, Contigres, Gtech, App Ginie, Growex, UMS Bridge, Shuttle Pro, Cape Diem, Ticketwala.pk, Beyond East, Bank Alfalah Limited, Dial Zero, Faysal Bank, HBL Bank, Meta Facebook, Adex 360, Conatural, TCS, Trax, Al Jalil Developers, Lahore Entertainment City, Arfa Kareem, and many others are of great significance.

Chief Guest of the Summit - The Governor of Punjab

The E-commerce Summit 2023, a monumental occasion, received a distinguished guest in the form of the honorable Governor of Punjab, Mr. Baligh ur Rehman. His presence added a touch of prestige to the event, emphasizing its significance and broadening its impact. With approximately 2500+ attendees; the summit unfolded as a grand audience of ecommerce experts, thought leaders, and enthusiasts, creating an unparalleled platform for networking, knowledge exchange, and business development.

Governor Punjab

The big crowd at the E-commerce Summit 2023 showed how excited everyone was to check out the latest technological developments, find new business ideas, and learn from the big shots in the industry. People were eager to dive into the world of cutting-edge technologies and explore fresh business opportunities. It was like a giant gathering all hyped up about the future of e-commerce in Pakistan.

The attendance of a Saudi delegation elevated the summit to an international platform. Moreover, the diverse and thriving crowd also included industry luminaries and freelancing specialists like Muhammad Amir Iqbal, Rehan Allahwala, Saqib Azhar, and many others, bringing in knowledgeable and insightful discussions.

Highlights of the Summit

The summit commenced at 10:00 AM and concluded at 7:00 PM, offering a comprehensive agenda with insightful keynotes, panel discussions, focused groups, and networking prospects. Attendees gained valuable insights into current trends, hurdles, and prospects within the e-commerce domain. The primary goal of the summit was to motivate, educate, and empower participants within the e-commerce community by:

●    Diverse and Influential Listing of Speakers Sharing Insightful Keynotes

It included well-known thought leaders, industry experts, and successful entrepreneurs. Attendees had the privilege of gaining valuable insights from the experiences of these speakers, providing a unique opportunity to learn about evolving trends in e-commerce.

Mr. Faisal Ali Rabbani, the Chief Technology Officer at ShuttlePro, shared insights on “Omni Channel Conversations and its Role in E-commerce.”

An impressive case study was presented by Mr. Salman Ahmed Khan, Business Head of AlfaMall and Virtual Debit Card, focusing on “AlfaMall case study on BNPL.”

Mr. Attique Ahmed, a member of the Standing Committee on Training & Development at Lahore Chamber of Commerce, delivered a significant keynote on “E-commerce Landscape of Pakistan.”

Mr. Tariq Hameed, Industry Manager at Dial Zero, shed light on “Beyond the Cart: E-Commerce Through Discovery Shopping.”

Eitiesam Ahmed Khan, Founder & CEO of Contegris Intellicon, addressed “Creating a Great Customer Experience for E-commerce,” while Mr. Muhammad Yousuf, Director of Technology at Gtech, emphasized the “Importance of ERPs in the Emerging E-commerce World.”

The session “E-commerce Ecosystem & Leopard’s Courier Services” was led by Mr. Waqar Ahmed, Regional Business Head – Ecom Sales at Leopard Courier.

Mr. Saqib Azhar discussed “Roadmap to Follow in 2024,” and Mr. Ali Khan Sawati, CEO of Redtail Studio Pvt Ltd., shared insights on the “Influencer Formula for E-commerce Success.”

Moreover, Mr. Arzish Azam (founder of Future Fest) shared his positive thoughts about the future of e-commerce in Pakistan at the event. He emphasized how Ginkgo Retail & Deployers are leading the way in this journey, along with the energetic team from Future Fest.

Arzish Azam

Additionally, Mr. Saqlain Raza, CEO & co-founder of Asan Retail, took the spotlight, discussing the importance of “Building the right e-commerce experts team to scale”.

Among other notable speakers were Mr. Omer Mobeen, CEO and Co-founder of Deployers.pk and the organizer of the summit, Mr. Haider Ahmed Qazi, Head of E-commerce at Al Jalil Developers and Chief Guest at the event, Mr. Sajid Riaz, HOD Ecommerce at Salitex, serving as a Guest Speaker, Mr. Obaid Arshad, Co-founder and CEO at Ginkgo Retail, also a Guest Speaker, and Mr. Fahad Sohail, an e-commerce specialist, as special guest and esteemed Guest Speaker.

The presence of such accomplished individuals not only provided valuable industry insights but also served to motivate and inspire attendees in their e-commerce activities.

●    Mega Product Launch, Comverse by Ginkgo Retail

At the forefront of this technological showcase was Ginkgo’s unveiling of Comverse, a groundbreaking tech project. Equipped with essential built-in features, it facilitates the initiation, expansion, and elevation of businesses standing in the digital commerce realm. There was no such technological product to meet the custom needs of e-commerce businesses in Pakistan. Comverse by Ginkgo was launched to fill this gap, especially addressing the complex marketplace requirements.

Mega Product Launch Comverse by Ginkgo

It serves as a breakthrough solution, offering a complete end-to-end e-commerce ecosystem to meet the unique demand of the Pakistan market mainly.

As an open integration platform, Comverse provides absolute control and customization options, enabling seamless integration of new technologies and third-party software systems.

As attendees explore the tech expo, the introduction of Comverse stands out as a notable highlight, symbolizing Ginkgo’s dedication to pioneering advancements in the e-commerce sector.

●    Networking Opportunities

Establishing meaningful connections constitutes an essential element of a successful summit. The E-Commerce Summit 2023 incorporated steadfast networking sessions, providing participants with the chance to engage with like-minded professionals, potential partners, and industry influencers. This strategic networking proved advantageous by fostering collaborations, idea exchanges, and potential business partnerships, contributing to the overall success and impact of the summit.

●  Case Studies and Success Story

The summit showcased real-world case studies and success stories, presenting attendees with practical examples, applicable strategies, and tactics that have propelled businesses to e-commerce success. By delving into these practical examples, participants gained a deeper understanding of effective e-commerce practices and are better equipped to apply these lessons in their ventures. 

The success story of Muhammad Nafey, CEO and Co-Founder of HMN Studio who started his ecommerce journey at the very young age of 13 years having many entrepreneurial ventures and working to help ecommerce companies boost sales through intelligently designed strategies. He received the youngest CEO Award from the Governor of Punjab Mr. Baligh ur Rehman in the Summit. According to Nafey, he is playing his part in adding value to the e-commerce industry by training students in the field of e-commerce. He has trained 200+ students for free.

●  Panel Discussions

Dynamic panel discussions conducted, covering diverse topics such as market trends, customer experience, digital marketing strategies, and the influence of emerging technologies in e-commerce, were a central feature of the summit. 30+ well-known industry speakers came forward to share their knowledge base, aiming to provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of e-commerce by incorporating diverse perspectives and insights. Some interesting panel discussions carried on topics such as:

Panel discussion

Fintech and Future of Digital Receipts: Moderated by Ms. Tabinda Islam (CEO Arfa Karim Foundation), this panel included Mr. Khurram Bashir (CEO & Founder ZeroSlip), Mr. Muhammad Raza (Founding Member & Chief Growth Officer at Swich), Mr. Irfan Majeed (Head digital acceptance at Faysal Bank), Ms. Sidra Umar (Head of e-commerce at Borjan), and Mr. Abdul Wahab – MD at ABFA Technologies, Member Pasha.

Mitigating Risks in Cash on Delivery: As the moderator, Mr. Aamir Khan (Head of E-commerce at SSC), shed light on this panel. The discussion included Mr. Rizwan Saleem (DGM at Ethnic), Mr. Umar Qamar (Cofounder at Elo), Mr. Shehryar Asif (Head of Ecommerce at Bata), and Mr. Abdul Basit Amin (Director of ecommerce at Salitex).

Need for Speed in Customer Service: Ms. Imaan Ameer (Manager Marketing at CIRCLE Women Association) moderated a panel discussion with Mr. Zohaib Ali (Founder & MD at Ozeefy), Maaz Farooq (Head of e-commerce at Beyondeast), and Bushra Latif (CEO at nani.pk).

Fast-track Fulfillment; Navigating the E-commerce Logistics Expressway: Mr. Umair Arshad (COO at Hive Metrics) moderated a panel on this topic. The discussion featured Mr. Qamar Iqbal (Head of E-commerce and digital Media at Cross Stitch), Mr. Saad Saeed (Head of e-commerce at Fatima Beauty), Shoaib Sabir (Founder and CEO at Taxnerd), and Zohaib Arshad Regional head e-commerce central at Leopard Courier.

The interactive nature of panel discussions allowed attendees to explore multifaceted aspects of e-commerce, fostering a deeper knowledge and facilitating meaningful conversations on key industry challenges and opportunities.

●    Industry Recognition Souvenirs

Ecommerce and Tech Leader Recognition Obaid Arshad

Souvenirs were exclusively reserved for participants who made a significant impact in the e-commerce industry. Special souvenirs were given by the Governor of Punjab Mr. Baligh ur Rehman to the people who pulled of the powerhouse, including Ginkgo Retail and Deployers team, along with the key industry players like Obaid Arshad himself, Arzish Azam, Aamir Iqbal, Haider Ahmad Qazi. These souvenirs were a token of appreciation for the valuable contributions of dedicated individuals who have left their mark on the world of e-commerce such as Muhammad Nafay, CEO and co-founder of HMN studio, who received the youngest CEO Award.

●    Networking Dinner

Team Ginkgo Retail

The summit concluded with a meaningful networking dinner hosted by Mr. Muteeb Siddiqi and his team from The Vertical. This informal and relaxed gathering served as the perfect backdrop for continued discussions and fostering connections between newly entered e-commerce entrepreneurs and e-commerce experts. It was a delightful conclusion to an enriching day of insights and interactions.

Words of the CEO of Ginkgo Retail on the Groundbreaking Success of the Summit

The E-Commerce Summit 2023, brought to life by Deployers and Ginkgo Retail, surpassed all expectations, making history in Pakistan’s e-commerce industry. My vision behind this summit was to bring under one umbrella, the entire fertility, stakeholders, and thought leaders to develop connectivity and provide networking opportunities. I want to provide a space where all the e-commerce industry people can find solutions for challenges being faced in the e-commerce journey. Almost the entire tech industry attended the summit. We’ve witnessed the presence of big giants in the industry like Daraz and Foodpanda, and huge masses of youth have also attended. There’s a global connectivity that grabbed the attention of many people. The gathering of such a huge crowd and their interest in the Tech and e-commerce industry make this summit a huge success. For me, this achievement is a bold step forward in shaping the future of e-commerce in Pakistan. The summit’s triumph is an encouragement for me and my Ginkgo Retail team to continue making innovations in tech and digital commerce, marking a significant leap toward progress and evolution”.

Obaid Arshad
Obaid Arshad (CEO & Cofounder Ginkgo Retail)

CEO & Co-Founder

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